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Fuses, Travel Switches, Universal Changeover Switches, Connection Terminals

Fuse is an electrical component that melt and disconnects the circuit with the heat generated by overcurrent. Fuses are widely used in low voltage distribution systems, control systems and electrical equipment as protectors of short circuit and overcurrent.


Terminal Blocks is conductive port to connect different circuit.


Cam switch is a kind of low-voltage switch for switching multiple circuits, which is used for control circuit. Modular design can be stacked layer by layer. 


Disconnector switch is used for small switch of industrial control cabinet to isolate and disconnect power supply, so as to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. CHINT has several series of isolating switches


Position switch is a kind of small master electrical appliance, which is used to limit the position or travel of mechanical movement. CHINT travel switch series is complete and various, which can meet the position detection requirements of various mechanical equipment. 


Foot switch is a kind of switch that controls the circuit on and off by stepping on or stepping on. It is widely used in medical devices, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment and printing machinery. CHINT foot switch is solid and reliable. 


The motor speed controller is used for the speed control of electromagnetic speed regulating motor to realize constant torque stepless speed regulation, which is usually used in printing ,textil,cable,ston cutting,packaging machinery. 

How to use the transfer switch?
The transfer switch can be used as circuit control switch, test equipment switch, motor control switch and master control switch, as well as transfer switch for welding machine.
What is the difference between cam switch and disconnector?
The disconnector is responsible for the main circuit, that is, three-phase four stage, may be plus an auxiliary contact.
What is the biggest characteristic of this kind of switch?
There are many options for panel transition angle and contact number.
What is the biggest characteristic of this kind of switch?
The panel is installed, the handle is yellow and has installation function
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