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Contactor, Thermal Relay, Starter

Contactor is divided into AC contactor (voltage AC) and DC contactor (voltage DC), which is used in power, distribution and electric field. The contactor is used to control the main circuit on and off through the control coil. CHINT contactor has a complete range of types, including air type, vacuum type, module type, capacitance type, etc. 


Thermal relay is used for motor or other electrical equipment, electrical circuit overload protection of electrical appliances. At present, CHINT thermal relay has two types, mechanical and electronic, corresponding to each series of contactors.


Motor starter is used for motor start-up equipment, so that the motor start-up stable, small impact on the grid, but also to achieve motor protection. CHINT has a number of series of starters, which can meet the needs of different customers. The installation is simple, convenient and reliable. 

What are the changes of AC contactor?
There are 3-pole, 4-pole, coil has AC, DC, can also add mechanical lock to make reversible interlocking. Each country has different Hz, so there are 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Small contactor can also be used as relay.
Where is the vacuum contactor commonly used?
The contact of the vacuum contactor breaks in the vacuum gun and will not produce sparks, so it is suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, such as coal mine, petrochemical, natural gas and other industries.
How to install thermal relay?
Below 100A can be directly installed on the contactor.
How to select the type of thermal relay?
1. Get the rated current of the motor 2. Multiply by 1.2 to get the rated current of thermal relay 3. Multiply by 1.1 to get the setting current of thermal relay
How many style of starters are there?
There are integrated, combined, box, intelligent and so on.It is generally used for DOL.
Is the motor starter and protector the same?
No, the starter is used for the main circuit and the protector is on the control circuit. Intelligent on the main circuit and control circuit have.
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