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Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

CHINT offers total energy solutions for public institutions, industries, commercial sectors, and end users, driving energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Which series MCCB have fault current limiting ability?
NM8 and NM8N series MCCB with double breaking point and fast breaking mechanism have ability to limit fault current.
Can NXM run normally at 50℃?
Yes, NXM series MCCB are tested and verified operating normally at maximum 55 ℃.
Does CHINT's MCCB have four-stage protection? Is there motor protection type?
NM8N series MCCB with EM type electronic release have LSIG (Long time delay, short time delay, intantanous and groud fault) protection. Besides, M,ENM,EMM are dedicated release for motor protection. M is magnetic type, ENM and EMM are electronic type release for motor protection.
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